Dedicated. Passionate. Results-Driven. Aethlon Capital is known for delivering outstanding results for its clients. We enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients spanning 10-15 years from raising growth capital to selling the entire business.

Overview of our Firm

Aethlon specializes in finding investment partners or buyers for companies with $10 million to $100 million in revenue and the potential for future growth. Our clients often have market-shifting competitive advantages such as breakthrough technology, more efficient processes, unique services, or customer value propositions that tip the playing field in their favor. Aethlon secures the financing, strategic partners, and advisory support that our clients need to develop and sustain that advantage.

Industry Experience


Consumer Products

Our expertise in consumer products has accelerated the financing and development of companies focused on specialty retailing and apparel, branded consumer products, e-commerce, food and beverages, and restaurants. We have developed a robust, proprietary database of private equity funds and strategic buyers with an interest in acquiring or investing in consumer-branded companies.



We have assisted companies in technology industries, including aviation, high-tech materials, analytical instruments, semiconductor manufacturing, data imaging, data storage, information technology, communications, and software. We simplify complex, changing technologies and skillfully articulate our client's value and growth potential to prospective investors and partners.



We have significant experience selling and raising capital for manufacturing companies. Our history includes equipment financing, raising growth capital, and finding buyers for manufacturing businesses. We have worked with manufacturing and distribution businesses in the consumer products, electronics, office equipment, specialty chemicals, industrial products, and recycling industries.

Aethlon's Five-Step Process