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Strategic Advisory Services

We've helped companies of various sizes develop strategies that move them onto a path of long-term growth.

Strategic Advisory Services: Creating New Value

We aren’t only bankers. We’re also business builders— informed, practical, and experienced— providing guidance to help you grow your company. Yes, we can help position and prepare your company for a sale or for capital infusion, but we can also help you find strategic partners, refine your product and marketing strategies, negotiate on your behalf, create value, and secure customers.

Advisory Services

Our decades of experience positions us well to help you with:
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Product strategy
  • Contract negotiations
  • Strategic customers

Al Meehan

CEO and Founder
Manna Freight Systems, Inc.

Aethlon Capital sourced multiple prospective buyers for our company, and was with us every step of the way to a successful and satisfying close. Sima Griffith served as the voice of reason throughout the process when negotiations called for it. She, Joe, and Adam make a formidable team.