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Sirloin Stockade of Kansas

ABOUT Sirloin Stockade of Kansas

Aethlon represented Sirloin Stockade of Kansas, Inc. on the sale of 16 Sirloin Stockade, Montana Mike’s, and Coyote Canyon restaurants. Gale Premer became a franchisee of Sirloin Stockade in 1975 and also served as chairman and CEO of Stockade Companies, the franchisor of the three restaurant concepts.

Aethlon's Role

Acting as our client’s exclusive sell-side advisor, we identified a group of prospective strategic and financial buyers across the country, eventually negotiating the sale to Kelly Investment Group of San Diego, California. The sale allowed Gale Premer, the CEO and majority owner, to retire from the restaurant industry after 40 years in the business.

As a buyer, it was a pleasure working with everyone on the Aethlon team. What stands out most from the experience is that although the relationship between a buyer and the sellers' advisor can sometimes become adversarial, in this case it was instead very cordial and cooperative, ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved. The result was a real win-win.
Michael Kelly
CEO - Kelly Investment Group