If you want to accelerate your company’s growth, corporate partners are a viable option to consider. Corporations are looking for innovative ways to expand their business through licensing, joint development or marketing programs, and minority or majority strategic equity investments.
Why do corporations invest in young, entrepreneurial companies?

It gives them fast access to new products and markets. Your products, services, customers, and cash flow can help established corporations achieve their growth mandates and strategic goals.

Why would your company enter into such an agreement?

A larger company’s technology, production, distribution, marketing and sales resources will accelerate your success.

The capital provided by Corporate Strategic Partners can be in the form of program funding, equipment and inventory financing, bridge loans, royalty payments or equity investments. Some of the larger corporations operate Corporate Venture Capital Funds that invest in “innovations of strategic interest.” These funds operate in a manner similar to traditional venture capital funds or private equity firms. Other corporations make minority investments as part of their customer agreements aligning their long-term interests with yours.

Structured correctly, the right strategic partnership can help you realize the full value of your company. Aethlon Capital has a wealth of experience structuring corporate partnerships, which have enabled our clients to accelerate growth and meet their liquidity objectives.

Aethlon Capital is a boutique investment bank with decades of experience assisting business owners in raising capital and selling their business. We help owners develop the necessary steps to facilitate corporate growth and align with strategic partners. Aethlon has completed mergers and acquisitions in numerous industries – from consumer products to construction, and from luxury goods to high technology.

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