Mark GreeneAdvisor

Mark Greene was formerly CEO with Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FICO). Mark led the company into becoming a market leader in credit scores, fraud detection, and business rules management. Mark is a recognized thought leader on banking and economic trends and related techniques (risk management, forecasting, trading) and technologies (big data, predictive analytics). Prior to Fair Isaac, Mark worked at IBM and the Federal Reserve Board.

Mark currently serves on the boards of several private-equity backed companies, including a credit counseling firm, an AR management firm, and a content technology and solutions firm. Previous board membership include Neustar, a $1.1B provider of assurance/protection solutions for B2B commerce, and Capella Education Company, an innovative online for-profit university.

Mark completed his MA and PhD in Economics at the University of Michigan and his BA in Economics at Amherst College.

Current Board Affiliations
SPi Global – A preeminent content technology and solutions firm.
Harris & Harris – An accounts receivable management service bureau.
National Credit Care – A market-leading credit counselor, helping consumers rehabilitate their creditworthiness to qualify for home mortgages and other financial products.
Past Board Affiliations
Bluezones LLC – A lifestyle company dedicated to promoting longevity and happiness.
Ryzgo – A technology-company enabling transparency & trust in the blockchain economy by applying Distributed Ledger Technology to real-world B2B & B2C transactions.
Neustar – An innovative provider of identity assurance/protection solutions for B2C commerce.
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