Geotek, Inc.

Aethlon negotiated the sale of Geotek to Granite Equity Partners, a private equity firm in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Our approach included two important elements: presenting our client’s business in a way that prospective buyers could trust and easily analyze, and conducting a thoughtful selection process by identifying a small group of serious, committed strategic and financial buyers. In addition to the infusion of new capital, the final deal provided Geotek with a new CEO to lead the company through its next growth phase and the continued participation of Geotek’s founders in the “new Geotek.”

“We would like to offer some words of praise for the effort put forth and the result that was achieved by Aethlon Capital on the sale of our company. Besides obtaining a fair price for the company, Amy and I were able to retain a part ownership and interest in Geotek, Inc., by continuing to serve on the Board of Directors and focusing historical knowledge on the development of an exciting new product.”
Conrad Fingerson Co-Founder

Geotek is a leading manufacturer of reinforced fiberglass composite crossarms for the utility industry and fence posts for the electric fence market. For nearly 40 years, GEOTEK has evolved as an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer, and distributor of reinforced fiberglass pultrusion products for the electric utility and animal containment markets. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Stewartville, Minnesota.

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