Granite City Food & Brewery

Our relationship with Granite City Food & Brewery started with raising $6 million in equity capital enabling the company to expand to eight restaurants. This was followed by a second round of financing for $8.5 million, which financed their growth to 25 units.

“This represents the second time in our nine-year history that Aethlon has successfully raised growth capital for us. In both cases, we received much more than just funds to expand, we received terrific strategic partners. I attributed Aethlon's vast network of contacts and understanding of 'who to go to' for these successful, but unique funding engagements. Whether it be a PIPE investment or development funding, Aethlon has structured the appropriate financing to meet our stage of growth.”
Steve Wagenheim of Granite City
Steve Wagenheim Founder

Granite City Food & Brewery commenced operations in St. Cloud, Minn., in June 1999 and has grown to include 32 restaurants in 13 states. Granite City Food & Brewery is a polished casual American restaurant featuring fresh, high-quality menu items prepared from made-from-scratch recipes. Granite City is passionate about creating fresh menu items from scratch and uses its patented brewing process to deliver the best brews.

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