Legacy – Private Equity Sima Griffith August 25, 2014

Raising Private Equity

If your company needs growth capital, or if you are considering selling your business, private equity firms are a good option. Private Equity (“PE”) firms are traditionally private investment funds that finance or buy established businesses with attractive growth prospects. The principals of private equity firms are often former entrepreneurs and finance executives who have experience – both operationally and strategically – that can help grow and improve the purchased company.

The business owner can sell a minority or majority interest in their company, but still be retained by the private equity firm to run day-to-day operations or serve as an Advisor or Board member. By bringing in an outside investor, a business owner can “take some money off the table” and diversify his or her portfolio.

Private equity firms use a number of criteria to evaluate potential investments, and many prefer to invest in companies that have at least $3 million in “EBITDA” – Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. In addition to a history of stable cash flow, PE firms are seeking companies with proven management teams in industries with growth opportunities.

Finding the right private equity partner for our clients is what we do best.

Aethlon Capital is a Minnesota-based investment bank with decades of experience assisting business owners in raising capital and selling their business. We help owners develop the necessary steps to facilitate corporate growth and align with strategic partners. Aethlon has completed mergers and acquisitions in numerous industries – from consumer products to construction, and from luxury goods to high technology.

Our professionals would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your company’s growth plan. To find out how Aethlon’s investment banking services can help you, call Sima Griffith at 612.338.6065 or email sgriffith@aethlon.com.