Simon Delivers

Aethlon raised various rounds of financing ranging in size from $3 million to $9 million for SimonDelivers and its pioneering approach to grocery delivery. Aethlon also negotiated a partnership between SimonDelivers and two multi-billion dollar international food companies. SimonDelivers was eventually purchased by CobornDelivers.

“We conducted two rounds of financing through Aethlon Capital raising $15 million. The Board felt we needed to conduct a 'Beauty Pageant' of investment bankers which included proposals from two nationally recognized investment banks. The Board chose Aethlon because of their proven track record and their ability to execute our capital raise.”
Simon Foster of Simon Delivers
Simon Foster Founder

SimonDelivers was a pioneer in route-based, home delivery services that addressed the $300 billion U.S. market for routine grocery shopping.

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